TAP (Therapeutic Astrology Podcast) is intended to serve as a personal retreat into the world of ideas, philosophies paired with vulnerable, meaningful, and honest talks, which I hope will connect us human to human. TAPs slogan is “A Place to Call Whole”…. Wholeness meaning undivided consciousness, spirit connected to body, an inner security while moving through (the fun and not so fun) stages of growth. In your true nature you are whole, but then childhood happens….

We enter many of the episodes through some piece of Evolutionary Astrology, because I study how the psychological life reflects the placements of the planets. I honor the astrological tradition, but I cannot practise it myself without also applying the lens of complex trauma and the recovery from past terror. Even though the principle of divine intelligence and universal wisdom in the astrological archetypes is not admitted into common psychotherapies, I don’t find conflicts in merging therapy with ancient knowledge. In this podcast – in this life – I use an eclectic approach, meaning I draw from a variety of disciplines to explore topics essential to our healing/recovering wholeness.

TAP is dedicated to examining what helps us live life the best. Determinism (FATE) and personal transformation (AGENCY) talk to each other when we work with both astrology and therapy in the process of becoming who we are. It gets complex when we include Evolutionary Astrology’s understanding of past lives with the trauma-adaptations of current life, sure, but we are complex beings, and I love getting new expanding perspectives, which I hope to unfold in the different topics and guests. I welcome any guest who are into healing work and from whom I feel we can be inspired to live better.

My name is Mannah; I was born in Denmark (one of the times) when Pluto was retrograde in Scorpio. You may feel the intensity or the need to go below the surface or even the fact that what I share about my own life is shattering a lot of social norms. In this Podcast, I bring light to material I think we should talk a whole lot more about…. The pain should not be left alone in the dark.

In a world of judgments, a one-sided focus on achievements, and a blind trust in certifications, grades, titles, status, I say we need a place to just be – a loving place of self-love that dissolves what separates us.


In practical title-terms, I am a certified Evolutionary Astrologer, NARM therapist (Level 2), and Yoga plus Qigong teacher. I have a Bachelor in Social Work with a Master’s in Philosophy of Education. But that’s just schools. What about heart, what about passion, deeper meaning, the need to keep evolving and what about what is essential to life????? Well, I guarantee you will hear about all of that in this podcast!!! That’s what I’m here for. Titles are for building trust with the little self, but I truthfully think we are better off using our innate abilities in establishing genuine connections and meaningful lives. It’s like the Backstreet Boys song “I don’t care who you are, where you’re from…….” EXCEPT I certainly don’t need you to love me — If anything I need you to love yourself, because ultimately that will create a better and safer world for all. But in my song the next sentence is not “as long as” anything. Just this. You are here, that’s plenty! Also I actually do care who you are, so maybe not quite the right song to associate to my values after all……

You are welcome to reach out to me at: therapeuticastrologer@gmail.com

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or IG: mannah_therapeuticastrology

Hope to meet your frequency somewhere out there, and in here

– Mannah, Copenhagen