Welcome to this special episode with another Therapeutic Astrologer, Maggie Jones Boyle 

YAY – We (Mannah and Maggie) are born in the same month the same year – like a lot of other people for sure but it is fun to notice similarities always when people are born close to you – and we practice the same kind of astrology that is focused on the soul dimension.

We discuss making meaning after loss, both in an emotional and transpersonal way and remembering why we are here on this particular soul path. We compare notes on how to blend and not blend astrology and therapy. We then go into talking about some central themes in Maggies work of people-pleasing, co-dependency and what Maggies calls pathologic altruism. This is perfect for the Pluto in Scorpio generation, who is more vulnerable to manipulation.

We talk about synchronicity in what clients we attract, and the concept of fawning – pleasing at a nervous system level.

We end on an exciting note on intergenerational trauma, so consider this to be part 1, and some time after the upcoming eclipse, we can meet again on this topic!

Join us for this one, you are so invited, lets make the normalize and share this soul centered way of doing or facilitating inner work.

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