Greg Bogart, everybody! Finally, he is on this show! Join us for a conversation on his newest book, that links back to his books “Astrology’s higher octave” and “Planets in therapy” when he writes about this whole approach to client work.

To get us started, here is a quote from his new book “Astrology as a Therapeutic Art”, 2024, Greg Bogart page 4:

“Psychotherapy is enhanced by astrology’s rich archetypal symbolism and its precise timing and awareness of how time is organized. The birth chart’s detailed portrait of our potentials provides the ultimate roadmap for therapy, which seeks actualization of that potential.”

In this episode we speak about:

  • Attachment styles – can you see them in the chart? And how! The Moon Much!
  • How to cope with stressors in life
  • Mars and resolving conflicts and owning boundaries and what you stand for
  • What difference it makes in counselling when you kind of know why this might happen to the person and how you can help from that information
  • James Bugental and how he inspired Greg Bogart
  • Inward Searching
  • Okay so what up with agency versus fate – with what I can effect, and what I have no say in at all
  • Astrology giving the soulful depth to meet a difficult experience
  • Many examples of transits and what happen, so listen closely

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