“Pure religions are as rare as pure cultures — and in a highly organised religions they always try to force a choice, because they need devoted members for their continuation.” 

This episode is FILLED WITH profound Alan Watts quotes!!! This quote is a left over from my notes, so get your hopes up for even better ones : – ) WHAT IS THIS??? Well, In some chapters of TAP I walk us through core themes of posthumous publications – In this one you can hear about Alan Watts book on the common principle of Eastern philosophy and Western psychotherapy, written in 1960.

Alan Watts (1915-1973) was a philosopher, writer, teacher and critic of society who interpreted Eastern wisdom for a Western audience. A lot of capricorn themes – but notice he goes against the apparent culture and looks at whats beneath (pluto opposite his cap planets) well informed of cultures (conjunct saturn in gemini). 

 In this episode we circle around themes such as:

Social institutions creating the ego- Choice -The Guru Trickery – The Social game – Social roles and identity- The bind and the double-bind- The Counter-game – Ego – Inseparability of Organism and Environment -Spontaneity (rather than life as a problem)- Anxiety- Self- Acceptance –  Psychotherapy and Liberation !!! 

It is for you who are curious around the connections between east and west healing modalities – and just if you feel some inspiration, Alan Watts is a legend for inspiring so many readers and audiences.

I hope you enjoy it or fall asleep to it


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