This is such a MUST HEAR! Deborah Muffet is an Astrologer, Teacher. Life Guide and Author – and like me she is psychologically working with the birth chart. We start off by talking about Deborahs work with the hearts plan – then we go into different – yet coherent- interpretations of the conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter in 21 degrees in Taurus.  The last time Uranus and Jupiter met in Taurus was in 1941 !!!! (in other signs they meet every 14 years) so it is a big deal and hopefully we have evolved enough to live by higher values this time around. 

In this episode you will hear:

– Individuation in a big way !!

-Uranus opposition to Chiron that went on for a long time – how does that effect us now that Uranus meet up with Jupiter?

-How we can expect the slow process of growth to speed up

-Uranus that has been under a lot of pressure

-Humanity is ready to explore the power issues now

– Shame, the potential of body work, higher self worth, taking the form to a higher level by breaking with old self-understanding

-Astrology as a strange pseudoscience? Do we take it seriously even when its not in mainstream?

-Don’t diminish your metaphysical worldview 

– “How do you know……”

-Powerful tool for self-discovery and client work, talking about family of origin from signatures in the birth chart

-Patterns in the soul + experiences you have had+ here you are in the moment, finding  meaning

– Breakthrough of norms and new norms based on higher values

– Social movements might finally have their moment now to create real practical change

-Much more, hope you join

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