Second part with Robert Falconer and it is brilliant – a must hear !! -Join us as we go deeper into the model of the mind, that is changing how we experience life. As Robert Falconer (Bob) says in his book, The Others Within Us,: “The very word consciousness comes from roots that mean “to know with”. Consciousness develops with others, not individually. Babies learn who they are through others”. A my (mannahs) words, a porous minds conception mean that the boundary between inner awareness and the outer world is thin and that we are influenced easily, even possessed, as the line between me and others are blurry.  In this episode you will hear Bob give many more words to it.

We start by talking about how it is to be 76 years old and still going strong with the fire of your life mission — then into:

  • How Tanya Luhrmanns work psychotic people and Isabel Clarke that talks about different ways of making meaning (+ others!) are pointing to the same conclusions- and how we imagine ourselves as individuals rather than the interwoven nature of identity. 
  • How the more porous model of mind allows for a much more benign experience of voices and psychosis , as we can move from ego-centric point of view to for example a more cosmocentric centered understanding.
  • Depression came up as ecstatic dance was banned – Porous mind experiences is MEANINGFUL and are positive
  • Making meaning as necessary for LIFE
  • “Porosity of mind allows us to validate the spiritually framed experiences and at the same time discuss their dangers. We can normalize their experience and help them navigate the threshold between our shared reality and their implicational world.”
  • Conversion experiences that therapy cannot match
  • I ask Bob for some evidence for another reality than the visible one, because even though I believe and have a spiritual practice I can also be questioning whether what I cannot see is true
  • Distributed mind that you have to consider as a whole system
  • We have lost the guideposts to navigate the other world, but it is very possible to be trained in navigating it
  • The mystery is a good thing – when you understand something it is dead
  • Jealousy – if we are not separate, then I can only 
  • DREAMS that moves you to curiosity
  • This meaning making and global and spiritual way of knowing keep coming back as it is inbuild part of us 
  • Psychosis as a newer invention with different meanings – And to not meet the psychotic features with hostility!
  • Across a threshold
  • Initiations outside of culture – the ritual process
  • The mind is much bigger than we think!


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– Mannah