Daniel J. Schmidt is the founder of Awaken the World and the Samadhi Center. His films “Inner Worlds Outer Worlds” the “Samadhi” film series is seen by millions of people – (check the links at the bottom)

AND he is right here in TAPped in with us – and I most say this is a favorite interview, as Dan invites me (Mannah) to a more playful style – at least that is how I hear it in the moment. When I do interview in english I am extra nervous about getting my words all wrong, and I feel this resistance came up in the best company. Dan inspires with his knowledge and approach to awakening and meditation, and we are getting around themes such as:

– How to recognize that the incomplete experience of reality is an outward orientation toward the mind-made projection of the external world – and access the witness  part of us in stead

-How Self structures and personality are really patterns of resistance and habit and how meditation is dropping of identification and preferences

– How to stop escaping from pain and not react

-How we can live in the (for example working) conditions we are, if we liberate from the conditioned mind

-Branching patterns of the mind and of energy (the universe is the one mind)

-Why hope might not be so hopeful in terms of awakening

-Remember who you are – the character you think you are, is really a dissociated part of the one consciousness

-The matric is designed for the experience of separateness.

-So who are you? I don’t know! (a stepping stone into letting go of control)

– To be here now unmediated 

– I ask Dan about my recent experiences with a shift in my mind state – and he explains how awakening is a direct knowing, and that the ego feels more free from its own conditioning; a sort of loosening of the chains – but even that new conviction can become the basis for a new spiritual persona. Because my mind is conditioned to comment on what is going on, that is taking me away from the direct experience of it.

– Freeness in the self structure in stead of being RIGHT (Are you are right?)

-Daniels perspective on the process of awakening collectively and how it is ONE awareness that awakens from all the characters.

-Awareness recognizing itself

-Self inquiry on a collective level where all that is in the unconscious is fully coming to light – NOW

-Letting go of samskaras and see the world AS IT IS

– Once you know who you are, you know who everyone else is!

In short some other Gemini themes than I mention is:

Expressing ideas out of the box and living by different rhythms, an unusual lifestyle- and overcoming the fear of being stupid – I’d say Geminis have great minds, but the fear is there (in the archetype)- maybe because of a great need to explore, which is often misunderstood by society – yeah the words may not be perfectly pronounced, but gemini is in the flow, in the observance to be in a constant state of wonder. Or awe…its not about getting it correct- its about expanding in networks, connecting the dots and understanding through moving and asking and reading. Gemini is of course connected to virgo (analysis, perfection), pisces (consciousness, letting go), sagittarius (direct experience, speaking up/publishing).

Thank you for listening and letting this be part of your experience, thank you!!





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