“We are in the midst of a widespread spiritual renaissance that differs significantly from those of the past. We are no longer limited to the faith of our particular culture; we have access to all the world’s wisdom traditions, from the dawn of recorded history to the present day. And the insights of contemporary teachers from around the planet are readily available in books, recordings, and via the Internet. None of this was possible before.” Peter Russell !!

TAP IN WITH me and Peter Russell who is an author, speaker and leading thinker on consciousness and contemporary spirituality-  IN THIS CHAPTER

WE talk about spiritual renaissance AND:

-Letting go of illusory security and other mind-grips 

-To be so caught up in the past and future, that we miss present moment?


-Release what is holding you back

-Are you being controlled by a culture- expectation?/because we are conditioned by social expectations

-What does “I” refer to? That is the spiritual quest!

-Attachment versus Passion

-Root meaning of Perfection and Satisfaction versus CONTENTMENT

-The Inner Critic and how to forgive yourself in a simple way

-A part of Letting Go is Letting IN (Let in the resistance)

-Notice what is there

-Peter Russel big turn around in terms of what he finds most important to teach 

I hope this can help you get new ideas around your spiritual practice and reflect on what works for you.

Hey Peter Russell mentions his website for a very good reason! There are many experiences on it, and I feel the gemini signature highly playful around what’s possible online (he has a degree in computer science too). You can find your age in days, visit different “random pages” (amazing blogposts from years back for example), AND you can even ask a Peter-bot on this website– Check it out right here!! 



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