“We are hungry to feel our lives matter and that we belong!” is a quote from Psychologist and Sociologist Corey Keyes, in his new book “Languishing: How to Feel Alive Again in a World That Wears Us Down” and so is this: “Burnout might capture the prevailing mood of a generation—or a planet—although technically speaking, it’s not a mental health condition, but an “occupational phenomenon” that describes a mismatch between your workload and the resources you have to do it, which allows chronic stress to build up. The two conditions can feel similar at times, but burnout is a much narrower term. That said, burnout can leave you so demoralized that languishing takes hold. When you’re constantly stretched too thin by work, it’s hard to find joy or meaning in the activities that you once found greatly fulfilling.” 

In stead Corey Keyes talks about Flourishing ! 

This is such a wonderful heartfelt interview- You are so welcome to TAP in as we speak about:

-Why Corey left positive psychology 

– Your work should speak for itself

-Focus on healthy functioning

-Social wellbeing and how we have to change the world, so it becomes a better place for everyone

-IF we don’t understand the society we live in…

-Criteria for thriving/flourishing/deeper set of needs

-Growing up in a low income environment…..

-We want to be challenged to be a better person 

-Religion serving become a better human being

-Neptune and what is the same for everyone, and that we want the same things – 

-The deeper need, the need for more, growth of self

-How teenagers struggle with this and today are speaking up about it

-What languishing is where you vaguely see the world

-Children showing signs of languishing 

-Flourishing !!!

-Learning SKILLS versus how to become equipped for LIFE

– A Job is not a life

-The role of religion and atonement

-Maladaptive Perfectionism

-Migration and recreating the cycle of life 

-Arrest of life versus freedom and searching for growth

-Languishing as an alarm bell that says: You are dying inside! 

– Live true to what it means to be fully human rather than economic success 

– and much more!

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I also recommend this interview with him: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2024/mar/17/how-to-flourish-sociologist-corey-keyes


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