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Krishnanand has a very special story. He was known as Scott Spackey and woke up to the name Krishnanand, given by a guru. In this chapter of TAP, you will hear me ask him about his book “Within the Portal” and how spirituality is connected to addiction, as it is symbolically represented by the symbol of Neptune. It is all very Neptunian, with themes of spirit, poly, savior, addiction, ecstasy, love of God, forgiving God that we are in the material, and much more. We explore themes such as:

  • Krishnanand’s Personal Transformation: We talk about his transition from being known as Scott Spackey to receiving the name Krishnanand from a guru.

  • Connection Between Spirituality and Addiction: We explore how spirituality can aid in addiction recovery, which is symbolically linked to the astrological symbol of Neptune.

  • Themes of Spirituality and Recovery: We delve into various themes such as spirit, polyamory, savior complex, addiction, ecstasy, love of God, and forgiving God for being part of the material world.

  • Scott’s Near-Death Experience (NDE): We talk about Scott’s near-death experience and its impact on his spiritual journey.

  • Waking Up from a Coma on His Birthday: Details the miraculous experience of waking up from a coma on his birthday and its significance 

  • Being in the In-Between Realm: Krishnanand’s experiences and insights from being in a coma and the spiritual realms he encountered.

  • Accessing the Portal: I ask what it means to access the spiritual portal and how it relates to different timelines.

  • Guidance from Gurus and Spiritual Leaders: We talk about the role of gurus and spiritual mentors in Krishnanand’s life and spiritual development.

  • Core Similarities Across Religions: He talks about how different religions share core principles and how these have influenced Krishnanand’s beliefs.

  • Overcoming Dogma and Embracing Personal Beliefs: (You will hear me struggle a little, but then realize that even though some arguments have been given to me in church, it does not mean they are part of the dogma that I have left and separated from.)

  • Krishnanand as a Spiritual Trainer and Alchemist: Today he works as a spiritual trainer and alchemist, in the links below you can see the services and guidance he offers.


Krishnanand is an alchemist and a spiritual trainer and offers a range of services. Here are the links to his websites:

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Krishnanand is an alchemist and a spiritual trainer and offers a range of services. Here are the links to his websites:

Scott’s website: [](

Within the Portal: [](

The book: [](

Mannah’s web: [](

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