A total must hear interview with Paul Levy, where we talk about such questions as How metaphysics is related to mysticism, The quantum as the inner teacher, How our mind is being reflecting back to ourselves, but who is the entity who is doing the projection? And how to relate to our open ended nature and the radical sameness, which is the greatest discovery of the human mind–our quantum nature! Paul Levy is an author of many books, including Quantum Revelation, which he reveals is on its way with new downloads in another edition. Listen to this chapter of TAP as we speak about:

  • How Paul Levy can mirror himself in the archetype of the wounded healer
  • What is the difference between saying “you create your own reality” and the revelatory aspect of the quantum that is mirroring something in us
  • The inner teacher and symbolic awareness
  • Fictitious certainties such as identity
  • The hidden treasure tradition in tibetan buddhism
  • Our collective dreamning – life is but a dream!
  • Creative imagination
  • As viewed so appears!
  • ¬†How Quantum mechanic have been experienced by everyone and has the deepest relevance for all of us
  • The spiritual awakening of the species

We are players in the great paradox – we are infinite and finite at the same time, Paul says in the book, and we circle around that theme in this conversation, where I Mannah right now am dealing with long bus rides to work, pondering how I can in deed effect even everyday reality such as busy mornings with this understanding of not being separate. Paul Levy is a great teacher, as you will hear, as he helps me navigate that paradox. I am sure you will love this one too — if you want to get deeper into Paul Levys work check him out right here:



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