You can be happy, while you experience the emotion of sadness! Welcome to a wonderful meeting with Brian Tom O’Connor, from Awareness Explorers! In this chapter of TAP we speak about what Brian means by uncaused happiness, and how to both remember the past, but also let go of it and how he went from an outer to an inner focus by the power of the paradox of change. 

We also dive into some astrology around different signatures in his chart. A signature is not only one planet in a sign, but an overall emphasis on a particular archetype. Certainly he has the Gemini flavor with his Moon there, and also the ruler of Gemini plus the Sun is in the third house – all related to games/mobility/logic/ideas and to a clear mind (in the higher version where its about not being pulled in by emotions, which are not helpful to be pulled in by!)- He also has a lot of Leo as I mention with Pluto in Leo conjunct his south node, but also a filled fifth house (thats the house of Leo)- filled with in fact Pisces planets which is obviously related to the spiritual dimension. He taps into an unknown source and produces from there. 

Listen to this episode to find out:

  • Your happiness is not contingent on something external!
  • Wanting to change and then changing from not changing…..
  • The difference between asking clients (and oneself!) “how do you feel” versus “what do you notice” (on all levels of experience)
  • How Brian healed from his depression by going on a personal quest
  • Is therapy enough when you want to heal from psychological pain?
  • How depression is a protection 
  • Brians advice for overthinking/critical thinking
  • One Taste
  • We are all connected – and how this understanding can show up in modern therapy
  • What the two wings are about
  • Self-Inquiry & universal awareness
  • Importance of a positive self-image
  • The unhelpful stories and the very helpful insights
  • Is it possible to be happy even if everyone is against you?

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