Welcome to the second part of my conversation with author, sociologist and psychologist Corey Keyes! Listen if you want to examine the second part of the his book with us and learn about:

  • The inner and the external path to happiness
  • Living well by taking responsibility for what you can change
  • Did our ancestors need to have high self-esteem? Modernity and Perfection
  • School systems honoring only one part of our talent 
  • Purpose is not a luxury good – but critical
  • Corey Keyes shares how he LOST his purpose 
  • Importance of placing your purpose
  • Impact of hearing “BUT I NEED YOU” when you want to end your life
  • The wisdom of starting local and small
  • Negative automatic thinking
  • We can find flourishing together
  • Big ideas
  • Burst of creativity when Corey Keyes and his sister was adopted
  • Your intention matters
  • No one can take your courage and integrity away – only you can give it away
  • If you have nothing uniquely different, you have to pretend
  • Languishing as the 8th deadly sin
  • The need for distraction in order to not feel empty
  • A want for being interested in life
  • The need to feel love and belonging everyday
  • Much more, also about the archetype of scorpio

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