Welcome to a deep talk about abuse and recovering from it- We talk about the stress of addiction – it’s a Pisces theme – and about healing – its a Pisces theme too! Mannah interviews Steven Washington who is a movement master, recovery advocate (and 22 years sober) and author of “Recovering You: Soul Care and Mindful Movement for Overcoming Addiction” that came out in 2022. Here is an overview of the topics we go into:

-The many different addictions, the subtle and not so subtle cost of them, but there is a similar effect on the brain

-Losing the ability to choose – compulsions

– The different aspects of CHANGE – triggers such as music 

-How Steven Washingtons professional dance career was not under the influence of alcohol

-Losing your SOUL and not being about to recognize yourself

– Prayers for relief and change, realizing you need a higher power to help your change

-False Self -Perceptions and the need for a psychic shift !

-The sense of not being lovable 

-Recovery as the process of peeling back the false perceptions to be unstuck 

-Growing up with adult responsibilities that a child could not navigate

-Having right relationship with FEAR is part of the work

-Life live on life’s terms!

-Managing emotionel energy and thoughts by being intentional

-Difference between dance and a healing practice like qigong

-Zoom out and have a better sense of what is happening

-Steven Washingtons spiritual life philosophy 

-How we move through life and how BREATH is LIFE

-Move a muscle, change a thought !!

-Breathing with awareness as an impactful experience in recovery

-Finding the ways we are connected 


– Some of the astrology I mention turns out not to be correct. This is an important point as an astrologer, that we don’t expect our preconceived definitions to necessarily fit the person, we are meeting. I was talking about incarnation issues on the basis of pieces signatures and the lack of earth in the chart, but it turns out to have a different meaning, as Steven has also been connected to his body. Another meaning of the same symbols is surely the holistic and natural orientation.

So much to explore when we want to change from the inside out- here just a precious meeting about some of it.

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