Do you feel like LOVE and JOY can be lost? Meet Dr. Claus Springborg and his current book project on the 5 knots/challenges that we find our selves in- seemingly unsolvable problems. These general problems are discussed in the context of therapy. Claus Springborg has a PhD from Cranfield School of Management, he has written several books and runs an educational institute-his life mission is to create a bridge between science and spirituality.

Since there are 5 knots in this work, we will be continuing the conversation. This is about the first know – of positive reification, that he explains is a misconception – in fact you cannot loose love or joy. Let’s talk about it! 

Here are some keywords we speak about in this one:

We start by understanding the concept of the 5 knots and then continue on with the first knot.

  • The misconception of the nature of reality
  • Joy as a thing you can get and loose again, like a physical thing – it is a misconception that creates suffering
  • Being and how when we give names to it, it distracts us
  • How we bundle our sense perception into groups
  • How does happiness really feel?
  • Being in love or being in infatuation 
  • Meditation and a deep sense of love vs finding a partner who gives you love externally
  • Bridging spirituality and science 
  • Concern and worry keep you occupied and how to no longer worry about your value
  • Experience of the true nature of reality
  • Happiness research


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