TAP IN today with MaRiza Noyama-Zee and myself  – She is a Spiritual Advisor, which we come to understand the background for in this chapter. Join us as we talk about the invisible world and how to let it lead us into transformation. Here are some of the topics we go into:

  • The collective awakening
  • How MaRiza has memories from her birth and time as a baby and how it connects to her contribution today within healing
  • MaRizas encounters with ghosts and how she has trained from “out of the box experiences” to intentional spirituality and the multi-reality
  • Her first contact experience involving a long dark hallway and green skin! And feelings of compassion
  • The infinity sign – The higher self (the dormant seed) and the constructed identity – how this transforms and heals as the identifiers shift and change
  • To see ourselves and others clearly
  • The vocational focus versus asking Who Do You Want To Become???
  • Experiences with spirit guides and how MaRiza works with the energy field
  • The importance of spiritual training 
  • From theater to healing 
  • Internal Family Systems as a practice that matches MaRizas spritual work
  • Advocate for your needs, have the awareness the boundaries are loving- and the commitment to kind inner language — UNCONDITIONAL FRIENDLINESS towards oneself
  • Interpretations of energy – How we translate energy that is all around – God Particles 
  • Energetic connections to ancestors  – we are an expression of our ancestors
  • Mind-Heart- Body
  • How to change the script between us
  • We mention taurus in the twelfth house, as Mariza has her Sun here, and in a square to her Aquarius Moon in the eight house.

Hope you enjoy it – share it with everyone – It is now official that I (Mannah) is off of social media and it is such a mental freedom. It also means I could use your help with SHARING the podcast – Thank you !!

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